Wine bottle Stopper Wedding Favours

Wine Stopper Favours

Wine bottle Stopper Wedding Favours

Wine bottle stopper favours are one of the most popular wedding keepsakes.

For thank you gifts that reflect your love of wine, bottle stoppers come in a variety of designs to satisfy the tastes of any of your guests. Wine bottle stoppers are topped with stylish single or double `entwined’ chrome hearts. Heart wine stoppers will fit just about any wedding theme as iconic hearts will never fade out. There are also Bronze Fall leaves stoppers available, perfectly suited to your winter wonderland wedding. Crystal ball wine stoppers and butterfly themes are always a favourite with guests. There are themed Asian `Shuang Xi’ Double Happiness Bottle Stoppers in harmony gift box packaging to suit your Asian themed fantasy wedding.

All wine stoppers come in elegant and simply stunning gift box packaging to top them off as amazing gifts!

South Africa is fine wine country and most South Africans being lovers of fine local wines will find wine stoppers are wonderful and functional wedding favours throughout. Even non wine drinkers can make use of their practicality!

Your guests will love these practical and useful wedding favors they can use over and over again at home. What an elegant reminder they will have of your wedding day. When you open a bottle of wine, it’s always a good idea to put a stopper in it so that dust and air does not get into your wine. This is true whether you’re planning on finishing it over the same evening, or going to put it in the fridge to finish up in the next few days.

Stylish and versatile, wine stoppers can be easily coordinated with any wedding theme.

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