Why disposable wedding cameras

Why Disposable Cameras

Why disposable wedding cameras

As I can recall (or don’t), there were many blanks on my special day. People saying “did you see that” or “how funny was Auntie so and so!” Ummmm I didn’t hey?

I’m certain there are many folks who would agree with me. Only later realizing how easily this could have been overcome!

Yes, I obviously scanned through our photographers professional pictures after the event and of course they were wonderful but there are just so many gaps.

All this would have been a totally different story had we included disposable wedding cameras on the tables that day! Indeed there are guests with their phone cameras as well as nifty little digi-cams but how many of their pics did I get to see very few. You know “I will send you my pics when you return from honeymoon”, but what happens?

All too often these images sit on someone’s camera or get deleted from their phones and time goes on without you getting to see any of them.

The simple affordable concept of wedding disposable cameras on each table at a wedding is just a must have if you want to capture all those super moments where the photographer was busy elsewhere getting the perfect shot, best light etc. These make great icebreakers at the tables between the guests as well as capturing those really funny instants where granny had one too many champagnes and decided to entertain the dance floor with some old school boogie!

What a way to keep the kids entertained too. Give them a theme i.e. `kiss’, `hugs’ etc. and see what magic little moments they can come up with while giving Mom and Dad time to socialize.

By designating someone i.e. The master of ceremonies to make a brief announcement before proceedings advising folks to share the cameras between themselves during the evening letting loose with imaginative, informal pictures and simply depositing them at a collection point or leave them behind on the tables, you will be guaranteed to have your hands on those special pictures in no time!

Once this has been done you can take the used up films to your local photo shop and get them developed or which is more common these days, burn them onto CD’s for distribution among your guests by post, e-mail etc. (just be prepared to censor some of these images because we all know how much fun some of the more experimental chaps can be once those ties come off and the happy juice flows!)

The fact is, these will be the pictures that will forever pop up here and there when people get together again over the years for a laugh (not to mention the fun that will be had on social networks!)

The cameras are available in a variety of designs to suit most any themed weddings and besides for the practical side of them they will add to your décor choice.

So, do yourself as well as everyone attending your perfect day a favour and don’t end up like me saying “what if we had disposable wedding cameras?”

The possibilities are endless and priceless!

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