Wedding Disposable Camera ideas

Wedding Disposable Cameras

Wedding Disposable Camera ideas

Disposable cameras play a vital role at your wedding to capture all those special moments that the photographer might miss.

You or your photographer cannot be everywhere at once and disposable cameras offer very interested and amusing options at your wedding.

Disposable wedding cameras come with matching table cards explaining to guests what to do with them but it is always best to get the MC or DJ to provide some tips on what to take photos of and what not.

Designate a basket for the guests to put the cameras in once full so if there are any lying around that are not in the basket, guests will feel compelled to use up all the disposable cameras by the end of the evening.

Capture an aspect of your wedding that not even the most professional photographers could capture and designate a few disposable cameras to the kids at the wedding. Turn it into a fun scavenger hunt by giving them clue cards of photos that they need to hunt down. E.g. kiss, dance, laugh or make a rule that they are only allowed to take photos of the kids.

Wedding disposable cameras tend to capture those crazy moments of your friends having fun. Have doubles made and send to your guests in their thank you cards. They would appreciate a photo of themselves having fun. If there are any cameras that are not used up, they are great to take with on honeymoon.

After the wedding, disposable cameras can be taken to any photo outlet nationwide and either printed traditionally or have them loaded onto a CD to share via email or social networking.

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