Wedding Bubble Confetti

Wedding Bubble Confetti

Wedding Bubble Confetti

The blowing of wedding bubbles as the bride and groom leave the ceremony is a modern twist to an old tradition.

Dating as far back as ancient Rome, the showing of the newlyweds with grains symbolizes fertility, abundance and prosperity for the married couple. Wedding bubbles have replaced most traditional confetti at weddings and make wonderful photographs.

These days wedding bubbles are non-stain and non-toxic making them the safest and most environmentally friendly option to use for wedding confetti. They can be used on their own or in combination with flowers should you wish to keep a floral effect. When considering which confetti option to go for, bear in mind that not all venues allow rice or flower petals due to maintenance so bubbles are a wonderful alternative. Wedding bubbles also add a playfulness and glee to your wedding day. By placing them in a decorated basket or scattering them on a table with table crystals can add a stunning eye-piece at the door of the chapel.

Children also love bubbles, so include a few extra to keep them entertained at the wedding reception. Remember to also get an extra few bottles to take with you when your photographer takes the bride and groom photos as the bubbles can create some stunning effects.

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