Multi Colour Wedding Theme

Multi Colour Wedding Theme

Multi Colour Wedding Theme

Are you after a bright, funky wedding, which is a far cry from the norm, then a bright, multi coloured wedding theme could be for you. A multi coloured wedding can be the perfect theme for a summer wedding or the perfect way to brighten up a winter wedding.

From a bright bouquet of flowers to paper lantern in various colours, there are plenty ways to brighten up your venue and wedding day. Wedding favours can add that extra touch to your table décor without overwhelming your guests with a multitude of colours.

Here are some ideas on wedding favours that could add that special touch.
– Nail file wedding favours
– Fortune cookies dipped in a variety of colours
– Keyring torch wedding favours in a variety of colours
– Hand fans and parasols in a variety of colours

Experiment, go bright, go funky and create that wedding that your guests will never forget in their lifetime.

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