Disposable Cameras

Why Disposable Cameras

Why disposable wedding cameras

As I can recall (or don’t), there were many blanks on my special day. People saying “did you see that” or “how funny was Auntie so and so!” Ummmm I didn’t hey? I’m certain there are many folks who would agree with me. Only later realizing how easily this could have been overcome! Yes, I obviously scanned through our photographers professional pictures after the event and of course they were wonderful but there are just so many gaps. All this would have [...]

Wedding Disposable Cameras

Wedding Disposable Camera ideas

Disposable cameras play a vital role at your wedding to capture all those special moments that the photographer might miss. You or your photographer cannot be everywhere at once and disposable cameras offer very interested and amusing options at your wedding. Disposable wedding cameras come with matching table cards explaining to guests what to do with them but it is always best to get the MC or DJ to provide some tips on what to take photos of and what not. Designate [...]