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There was a time when all you could see on top of a wedding cake was a traditional bride and groom figurine.

Trends in wedding cake toppers have grown leaps and bounds from the traditional stuff. You know the kind, a bride and groom with smiles painted onto plastic faces. Fortunately, the options these days offer really cool alternatives to the cookie cutter statues of the past. It has become increasingly popular for couples to top their wedding cakes with something unique standing out from the rest.

Weddings are all about romance. If seeking a classy, elegant figurine you don’t have to look far. One of the most popular cake toppers on the market today features a stylised romantic and sleek ceramic porcelain type. Whether it’s charming, whimsical, sexy or sweet, a romantic heart cake topper is a great, classic choice. Although a small detail in the wedding the ceramic interlinking hearts toppers are the perfect type to take home and put on the mantelpiece for years of lasting memories.

The sleek stylish ceramic cake topper will be suited on just about any style cake adding a subtle but elegant topping to your special day.

For heart themed weddings or any modern stylish wedding, stylised heart ceramic cake toppers will be functional and add a `solid link’ feeling to your coming together.

Everyone’s going to want to take it home!

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