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`Sparkles' Wedding Sparklers 70cm
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`Sparkles' Wedding Sparklers 70cm

Price: R8.00

`SPARKLES' Sparklers for your wedding are a great way to help celebrate your wedding or party. They will add that finishing touch to your wedding. Place them in a bucket and your guests can light them during your first dance or as farewell sparklers when you leave the reception. They are inexpensive and always bring fun to any occasion. Make your wedding day sparkle with our long-lasting sparklers with a burn time of 2 minutes! - 70cm sparklers. Sold individually.

By far the easiest method when lighting multiple sparklers at one time is to ignite just one sparkler using a butane or propane lighter and then using that sparkler to light other sparklers in turn. Avoid a windy area and avoid using matches. Having one person be the "designated lighter" and lining up everyone else in a row, each with sparkler in hand makes it very simple to light and quickly move down the line. Sparklers lit with another sparkler will light almost instantly and hands are situated well back from the burning ends.


Sparklers are normally gray in color, but can be lightly spray-painted whatever color you want. Choose good quality spray paint and remember to use a light, even coat. Always try a test sample before the big event to avoid unnecessary surprises!


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